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Have you ever struggled to afford your medicines? Help influence Canberra to lower the cost of prescription medicines by sharing your story.

Your story will help make a real difference to our campaign by providing real world examples for key decision makers. You can make the difference, you can help achieve affordable medicines now.

If you’ve ever struggled with the cost of living and had to choose between your health and other essentials like food or rent, we want to hear from you.

Share your story with us.

Here are some stories we have collected so far.

“Preventative asthma medication is $48 for me. I can’t afford that so if I have an asthma attack I go to the hospital. I know what would be cheaper for the government to pay for.”


*image for illustrative purposes only

*image for illustrative purposes only

“My kids have autoimmune disorders and my husband and I require medications. We constantly have to decide what is most important…Often both myself and my husband go without.”


“When my kids need prescription medicines we often go without nutritious food to afford what they need to get better. It's a bloody joke.”


*image for illustrative purposes only