The Government and opposition have committed to lowering the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) maximum general co-payment from its previous level of $42.50 to between $32.50 - $301. from January 1st next year, a significant saving for patients who are struggling to afford their medicines

This means that millions of Australians taking common medications for blood pressure, high cholesterol, pain relief, depression, diabetes and more will save up to $10 on scripts with an Australian first reduction in the price of Government subsidised medications.

You can find out how much you and your family could potentially save by entering the current prescription medicines you regularly purchase into the cost calculator below.

Note, not all PBS listed prescription medicines are included in the calculator tool. If you cannot find your specific prescription medicines listed you can visit the PBS website to determine how much you will save under the proposed cost reductions.

1.Based on who forms a majority government after the 2022 Federal Election.